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Qmark Marley GV16 Gable Attic Exhaust Fan

Buy QMark Whole House Exhaust Fans

Qmark Whole House Exhaust Fans Model GV16

Qmark Marley GV16 Gable Attic Fan

The Qmark Marley GV16 Attic exhaust fan is installed in your Gable end of your house and is a bigger version of our smaller gable attic exhaust fan AGV14.

Make sure that the Marley GV16 Gable attic exhaust fan has sufficient intake area in the attic to assure that the fan will not be overloaded and that it will deliver its rated CFM. This can be accomplished with some type of attic venting such as gable louvers or under-eave vents. Please refer to the Qmark whole house exhaust fan install manual for detailed information regarding your attic ventilation fan. Also, you will need to purchase a shutter with louvers for this Qmark GV16 gable attic fan.

Qmark Gable Attic Exchaust Fan GV16 Features:
  • Qmark GV16 Gable Attic Exhaust Fan designed for large homes
  • QMark GV16 is covered by Gold Medal Lifetime Warranty
  • 16" blade on Qmark GV16 Attic Exhaust Fan
  • 18" armored, flexible cable supplied with GV16
  • Easy to install in existing homes or new constructions
  • Optional mounting - exhaust hot air or pull in cool air
  • Mounting brackets included
  • GV16 includes adjustable range thermostat (60-120ºF)

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