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Tamarack Whole House Fans
Tamarack HV1000-DB & Tamarack HV1600-GDR Attic Ventilation Fans

Tamarack HV1000 Whole House Fan - Attic Fans
Tamarack HV1000 Whole House Fan
As you probably know - the sun beats down on your house all day. On a sunny day the temperature of an attic can reach as high as 140 degrees! And this high temperature in your attic will keep the indoor temperature higher than the outdoor temperature for several (or more) hours after the sun goes down.

So how does a Tamarack Whole House Fan Help? Easy. By pulling heat out of your home and attac with the Tamarack HV Ventilation Fan, cooler outside air is drawn into your house. The heated air is then pushed out of your home through the attic vents. With a Tamarack whole house exhaust fan - not only will you be more comfortable - but you will save money on your air conditioning bills.

The Tamarack HV 1000 Whole House Fans and Tamarack HV 1600 Whole House Fans are engineered to quietly and efficiently reduce the indoor temperature of your home.

Buy Tamarack HV1000-DB and HV1600-GDR Whole House Fans

Tamarack HV Whole House Fans Features
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Tamarack Whole House Fans
Tamarack Whole House Fans

How? Indoor house temperatures are often higher than outdoor temperatures, particularly in the evening. By pulling heat out of your home, cooler outside air is drawn into the home.

First you need to open a couple windows or a door and start the Tamarack Whole House Fan HV1000-DB or Tamarack Whole House Fan HV16000-GDR. The Tamarack HV Fan pulls heated air out of your home and then pushes it out through your attic via attic and roof vents. You will need at least 1.5 square foot for HV1000-DB Ventilation Fan and 3 square feet for the HV1600-GDR Ventilation Fan of roof (attic) vents.

Many choose to run the Tamarack HV1000 / HV1600 Whole House Fans all night long, which will allow you to wake up to a much cooler house. Also, air conditioning units will start much later in the day. In many cases - the Tamarack Whole House Fan will even allow you not to turn you A/C on at all - of course, this depends on where you live and other factors. So at night, turn off your A/C and run the Tamarack HV1000 / Tamarack HV1600 and save money and energy. The Tamarack Whole House Fan HV 1000 uses about 116 watts to run and the Tamarack Whole House Fans HV 1600 needs about 276 watts at full speed.
Tamarack Whole House Fan
Tamarack HV1600 GDR

Key Benefits of Tamarack Whole House Fans:
  • Easy Installation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet
  • Economical
  • Draft Proof
  • No Maintenance
  • Optional Remote Kit for HV1000 and HV1000DB
  • UL/CUL Listed
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
Both Tamarack Whole House Fans - Model Tamarack HV1000 and Model Tamarack HV1600 come with automatic insulated motorized doors. Standard R Value is 38 with models HV1000-DB or HV1600-GDR. The doors form an air tight seal between your ceiling and your attic.
No BIG uninsulated hole in your ceiling like other traditional whole house fans!

Install either Tamarack Fan - the Tamarack HV1000 or Tamarack HV1600 in existing attic joists either 16" or 24".
The rough opening for the Tamarack Whole House Fan is 14.5" x 22.5".

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